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Re: Unable to access to a cd burned with xcdroast

* CoolFox <foxaburn@free.fr> [2005 Sep 15 06:41 -0500]:
> Hello
> I have the following problem:
> I burn a data cd with xcdroast
> When i try to execute one of the programs burned on this cd with windows 
> Xp, a dos window appears and disappears immediatly and nothing else happens.
> I verified permissions and made a chmod 777 (just to be sure) but it 
> doesn't fix the problem
> Anybody knows why i can't launch some programs with windows xp when i 
> burn a data cd with xcdroast?
> My config:
> Debian Sid 2.6.13
> Thanks a lot for any ideas!

Perhaps the program in question will not run under XP?  Try running it
under FreeDOS.

Bad CD writer?  Poor CDR media?  Compare an md5sum on the disk with
that of the file on CD, do they match?

I have found slight CDROM incompatibilities where a CD burned in a
given writer is unreadable in certain drives.  One solution is to
burned the data using another CD writer, if possible, or try another CD
drive in the target machine.

Besides my first question, the rest of my (somewhat limited) experience
leads me to hardware issues.

- Nate >>

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