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Hello Sir,

i am trying to port 2.4.27 linux to my at91rm9200 based board.

When i check the /dev/in ur pc linux i can find a number of  ptyp0-ptyp15,ptyq0-ptyq15 ........ptye0-like such entries.

I want to enable this option in my kernel during configurqtion and compilation process.

In the make xconfig i have enabled devfs file system, auto mount of devfs,unix 98 pty driver and Devpts file system..

In my root file system i have entries for ptyp0-ptyp9.The root file system i have taken from snapgear linux compilation

but when i boot my kernel in my board couldnot find the ptyp0 to ptyp9 device file in /dev/ directory.

what else i need to do.

linux-2.4.27 has devpts and devfs support.

what i am getting in my /dev/directory after the linux is booted is


while trying to make telnet to my board it gives a message that

All network ports in use.

In the /dev/pts directory i am getting nothing.

So plz help me to find out how to do it

I will be very thankful to you  if u reply me as soon as possible.

  Thanks & Regards
Sushant Kumar Mishra
Danlaw Technology
Contact No-9440041292

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