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Re: Login help

Angelo Bertolli wrote:

> Evan Storer wrote:
>> Helpful folks,
>> I just got a computer from work that was used by someone a few years
>> ago which runs Debian, and I can't do anything with it since I don't
>> know any usernames or passwords or anything. Is there some kind of
>> override to get past the login screen so I can set up my own account?
>> Any help would be great.
>> It says I'm running "Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 ethel tty1" if that
>> information is necessary.
> ethel?
> Is it booting with GRUB or LILO?
> You can send the kernel an argument for whatever init you want (e.g.
> 1) by just appending it to the argument list.  That will get you root
> access as long as GRUB/LILO isn't password protected.  If they are,
> you can try booting from a Debian CD (or Knoppix) and change the
> password for root.  That will work if the BIOS isn't password
> protected.  Otherwise, you'll have to take the drive out, put it in
> another computer, and reset the password by hand.
For example, if you're using lilo, at the boot prompt, instead of typing
"linux", type "linux init=/bin/bash". (This assumes there is no lilo
password.) Now you should be able to edit /etc/passswd, removing the "X"
on the "root" line. You'll first have to remount / as read/write
probably: "mount -o remount,rw /dev/hda1 /" or similar. Save the file,
reboot, and you should be able to log in as root with no password.


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