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gnome and mime types

When I click on a realplayer link (.smil extension) in epiphany or
galeon, it wants to open it in a text editor.  I can't find any way to
change that behavior.  Unlike what I'm used to in mozilla, there's no
preference setting for helper applications.  I guess these are
supposed to be handled by the gnome configuration, but as far as I can
tell (from trying it, reading the help, and searching the web), the
configuration tools in gnome2 seem to have been gutted of any such

How can I fix this?

I realize this is probably more of a gnome question, not a debian
question, although maybe it's a debian issue that this wasn't
configured correctly on installation.

Anyway, I couldn't find an obvious gnome list in which ask this
question (they all seemed to be aimed at more specific topics).  I'll
be grateful for an answer to my question, or a suggestion of where to



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