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Re: how would remote user start X application on local monitor

Tony wrote:
> Problem:
> I log in from a remote location, but I need to start an aplication
> (example: emacs /home/user/documents/importantpaper & )

Try: ssh -X aguax@domain.here.com emacs /home/user/documents/importantpaper

It's been a while since I've used it, that might be bad advice. Another
thought, and one I do use is tightvncserver - you can access a remote
desktop via java enabled web browser: mozilla http://domain.here.com:5801

Prior to that, you login on domain.here.com as aguax and run
"tightvncserver :1" at which point it should fork to the background and
aguax could logoff. VNC will remain running. Somewhere in the docs is
a method to do this through /etc/inittab.

I use guarddog as an iptables fontend, and it requires special treatment
for VNC - a User defined rule is needed for port 5801.

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