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IPPPd incoming channel bundling issue.

We are using IPPPd open source package for ISDN connection and it is working
fine. The problem we are facing is with channel bundling for incoming calls.
I am adding ippp0 to ippp15 channels as Master interfaces. But when there is
an incoming call to my system and the dial-in user wants to do channel
bundling this is not happening. To support this I added the ippp14, ippp13,
ippp12 as slave devices to ippp15 master device. This resolves the channel
bundling issue for the 4 incoming calls which needs to be bundled but it is
creating some other problem. Suppose one user is dialing in to my system and
user is using two channels both the calls are answered and bundled(ippp15
and ippp14). Now another user is dialing in to my system and ippp13
answered. This call is not bundled(as expected) but it is assigning the same
IP address of master interface(ippp15). So the IP address is same for the
first call(with channel bundling) and for the second call. Can you please
let me know whether IPPPd supports assigning different IP address if there
is no channel bundling for the slave interface. This is really required
feature for the IPPPd where it can act as server also and I hope this is
already supporting. Please find the attached script file which I am using
for adding the ippp12, ippp13, ippp14 as slave devices to ippp15 master
device and the options file.



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