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Routine upgrade of packages tracking etch has hosed gnome

Hi all,

I'm tracking etch and installed all upgradable packages on two systems
today, including current etch upgrades to version 6.8.2 of some X
packages.  During the upgrade of one of the systems, but not the other,
I was asked for the default xserver in a configuration question. 
Inadvertantly I left the default answer of xorg, while I run XFree86. 
The reconfiguration generated an xorg.conf that successfully copied all
the config from my XF86config-4 (even the TwinView settings, etc.). 
However, I was left with a version of some core component in gnome that
I'm not familiar with and cannot figure out how to revert.  I've moved
the generated xorg.conf out of the way and restored the default X server
to XFree86 (by doing a dpkg-reconfigure on xserver-xfree86).  However,
my gnome still has these symptoms:
  1.  There is only one virtual desktop instead of 4
  2.  The standard Debian desktop background does not work -- it is
selected, but the background is flat pale blue
  3.  The menus are different.  Instead of Applications and Actions,
I've got Applications, Places and Desktop,  The set of available apps in
the menus is also different.

This is probably something very basic that I'm missing, but can someone
tell my how to get my beloved version of gnome with its 4 virtual
desktops back?

Thanks for any help,


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