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xfig: select many objects at once

Hi debian-user,

I'm dealing with some auto-generated xfig images which have many
thousands of overlapping objects all at the same depth.  Were
everything at a different depth, it would be easy to select things in
groups by controlling what's shown and selecting in regions.  How
might I select many objects based on some other common attribute (like

The generating program (gnuplot) has some facility for setting depths,
but it requires knowing some very Fortrannish 4-digit numbers that I'd
rather not clutter my brain with.  

Xfig files are just text files full of lines of numbers; if there's no
GUI way to do this I'm not afraid of, say, an awk script.

Please CC to me, as I'm not subscribed to the list.  Thanks!


Rob Mahurin
Dept. of Physics & Astronomy	phone:	865.974.8097 (sometimes)
University of Tennessee		fax:	865.974.7843
Knoxville, TN  37996		email:	rob@utk.edu
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