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Re: Help! - simple solution

The installer should have asked you if you want to install a "Desktop Environment" , "Web Server" etc.
To get to that screen:
log in.
type "su" and press enter. type in your 'root' or admin password (you typed it in during install). you will become the *S*uper *U*ser type "tasksel" and press enter. now you can should select "Desktop Environment" for a graphical desktop, "File Server" if you want to share files over the network, "Print Server" if you wish to use a printer. if you wish to redo the complete second half of the installation ( which will not re-install anything ), type "base-config" instead of "tasksel" after installing a desktop environment, type "/etc/init.d/gdm start" or reboot the machine by typing "reboot" Debian GNU/Linux can be a bit hard on new users... so don't hesitate to ask here if you have a problem. and you might want to use more appropriate subjects lines that 'Help' ;)

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