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Re: setting up environment variables

Dom on 12/09/05 12:20, wrote:
SO I need to change system variables TMPDIR, TEMP and TMP... how
should I do that?
One source tells me to change .bash_profile from my (and every other
user's if I want to do this as the system default) home folder by
putting 'export TMPDIR=[path]' in it, BUT
another source tells me that /etc/profile, ~/.profile, ~/.bashrc and
~/.bash_logout are standard scripts that are executed at various times
and  ~/.bashrc is executed when bash is launched.
So now I'm not sure which one to change, .bashrc or .bash_profile...
Can somebody tell me?

BTW, is this the only way of setting system default variables or I
missed something?

If you want to change the envvars globally, then change them in /etc/profile since all users' profile include that.

I expect there are many other ways of achieving this as well, but that's what I'd do.


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