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Re: kernel performance

Paras pradhan wrote:

i want to build a custom 2.6.x kernel for desktop systems. i
have build kernel 2.6.12-3 successfully , but the performace of
the kernel 2.4.27-1-386 ( from debian sid mirror ) is much
better  than kernel 2.6.12-3 that i built from source. for ex:
in kernel 2.4.27-1 if it takes 5 minutes to burn a CD, it will
take around 20 minutes in my customized kernel.  Also running 2
or more applications is very sppedy in 2.4.27-1 than my custom
built kernel.

what shouild i add in .config before building my 2.6.x keries
so that the perfomance will be equal or better than 24.x series

You may not have DMA enabled. Check in menuconfig

  Device Drivers  --->
     ATA/ATAPI/MFM/RLL support  --->
         Generic PCI bus-master DMA support

And perhaps
         Use PCI DMA by default when available

Regards, Jan

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