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Strange things with SMP setup (slightly OT)


There's a really "funny" thing happening with my new machine (Athlon 64 X2). 
Everytime the machine sees some load (e.g. SETI@home or a -j4 make job), 
something seems to go bam in the scheduler, IRQ routing or something else.

The visible results are:
 - Multiplied input events from the keyboard (attached via USB, OHCI driver)
 - Firefox having problems with the URL auto completion and the file chooser 
dialog, both need ages to open.

Those do not go away when the load goes down to idle.

Aparently, KDE seems to run just fine other than the input problem, there are 
no issues with file chosser or other widgets taking ages to open. The input 
problem occurs quite soon after the system gets busy, the Firefox problem 
seems to take a while to "develop". The machine is otherwise perfectly 
stable, there have been no "hard" crashes, memtest86+ found nothing wrong 
with the memory.

Does someone have an idea
 - how to find out what goes wrong? (diagnostic methods?)
 - what might be at fault? (hardware or software issue?)
 - who might have further ideas? (other maillists, forums, etc.)

My setup:
 - Athlon 64 X2 on a MSI Neo4 Platinum board  (nForce 4 Ultra based, BIOS 
version 1.8)
 - kernel 2.6.13 without kernel preemption. This also occured with, 
but it seemed to be "stronger", meaning that each and every keypress was 
repeated 4-5 times whereas without preemption it gets reduced to perhaps one 
keypress in 100 or so.

I'll now try and send this if I can just enter my GPG passphrase :-/

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