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Re: reinstall lilo after windows

On Mon, 12 Sep 2005, Hendrik Boom wrote:

> > vi lilo.conf
> > 	boot = /dev/fd0
> > 
> > 	root = /dev/hda1
> Won't that make it boot from /dev/hda1?

no... it boots from floppy ( the MBR )

it's told that /, /dev, /etc, /bin etc ( rootfs ) is on /dev/hda1

>  How will it know to look on  /dev/hdc1 

you tell it ...
	a) change lilo.conf  and rerun lilo
 	b) at lilo prompt:  root=/dev/hdc1
	gazillion other ways

(where it will be after the hardware change?)

wherever you want it to be including never never land

if you want it to be a known state, you must know
the state too .... every file, every option, every character
in the file and the "characters" of the system that makes it boot
into your "known/expected state"
	- if you dont know, .. it will do EXACTLY what
	"you" told it to do  or the system defaults per
	the gpl developers

c ya

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