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Re: Debian "install server" setup


On 9/12/05, Mark Lijftogt wrote:
> I would start with FAI if I would be doing 1 installs a week. Anything
> below that would need some carefull thought, simply because it is a lot
> of work to set it up and to maintain your profiles that you create. I am
> not sure if that is what you want.
> Now, by "serving" I'm a bit lost. Apache is an webserver, and I'm not
> sure where you want to go with "serving" debian or other distibutions
> with apache.
> What do you want to exactly?

I want to take a computer and by using a netinst cdrom (or USB key) point the apt.sources to my server and have it install from my local mirror.  Then I want that computer to look at the local server for updates.

Apache was suggested so I could probably create a "deb http://localdebianserver.com/mirror/pool/"; entry in my apt.sources list and have the mirror directory shared.

I don't have any experience with Apache, so I don't know if that is possible or how to go about it yet (if it is even the best solution).

Ideally, I will find a solution that will be easy to initiate and as secure as possible.

(apologies if this shows up odd.  I am having trouble with my webmail)

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