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kernel: smbfs: Unrecognized mount option (noauto|remount)


When I mount a smbfs share that has the noauto option, /var/log/messages 
shows this error:
kernel: smbfs: Unrecognized mount option noauto

Something similar happens when I try to remount a smbfs share, 

I suspect this is because this paragraph from man mount:

Mount options for smbfs
       [...] and the current version of  mount  (2.12)  does
       not know anything about smbfs.

Am I right ? What can I do if I don't want to mount a share at boottime ?

BTW: debian testing
$ uname -a
Linux PT-AGCMLX1 #4 SMP Fri Aug 19 14:39:54 CEST 2005 i686 

The line in fstab:
\\server\share            /mnt/mountpoint         smbfs 
noauto,credentials=pwdfile,fmask=777,gid=100,codepage=cp437      0 0

Thanks for your comments,

Markus Grunwald

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85737 Ismaning
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