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Re: Linux over Network to Windows

On Sun, Sep 11, 2005 at 12:35:48AM -0400, David R. Litwin wrote:
> I will soon be getting a laptop (Toshiba A70) on to which I will install 
> Debian. However, my main computer will, almost always, be running Windows. 
> Now, I would like to setup a network of some sort so that I can access files 
> and print (the usual stuff, I suppose).
If you have wireless - there are wireless print servers - plug
printer(s) in one side and power in the other and forget :) Effectively,
your printers gain an IP and you just print to them. Linksys do a good
one IIRC. Easy solution in one box - print from anywhere in the house.

> The question is: How do I do this? Is the answer Samba, or the opposite of 
> Samba? How do I make every thing work nicely?
> The "main" machine has Windows 2000 Professional and Sid. How do I make it 
> all work nicely with a wire-less router?

Remote access to Linux/Windows desktop - VNC 
This should be enough for you to perform remote admin. and possibly

Linux <-> Linux file access

Use ssh / scp and just dump common files in a common directory on one
of the machines [Quick and dirty way - store your files in myfiles on
one machine, then just ssh in and scp out what you need. Very good for
an ad hoc "I'll just dump the files in the directory and you can copy
them out later" sort of collaboration]


Set up a shared directory and on one machine and export it via NFS: 
Debian ships with NFS enabled by default, so it's just a question of 
mounting "stuff". An hour or two's reading of a couple of HOWTO's 
or a Linux sysadmin book / Google and half an hour to set up if 
you've not done this at all before (five minutes to set up and a sneak peek 
at a box running NFS to remind you if you've done this before but 
too long ago to remember :) )

Linux -> Windows access [Linux box accessing Windows "exported share"]

SMBclient or equivalent?

Linux -> Windows printing 


[Not sure about the last two in detail - I will need to do some research :) ]
> Thank you kindly in advance and I apologies if my questions aren't that 
> clear.
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