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Re: Sample wwwoffle config?

Steve Lamb wrote:
>     Anyone have a pointer to a sample wwwoffle config that will pull a set of
> pages once a night?  Work allows me to bring in my laptop, just no net
> connectivity.  I want to cache my "daily read" pages with wwwoffle so I can
> poke at 'em during lulls at work.

    To answer my own question it was pretty simple.  First I went into the
conf file and pointed it to my Squid/Adzapper proxy on the network.  Kinda
sick to think that web pages I browse on this machine are cached three times.
Squid, wwwoffle and Firefox itself.

    Anyway, once that was done it was a simple matter of taking the URLs I
wanted and placing them in a text file.  Oddly enough the URLs had to be in an
anchor tag for wwwoffle to recognize them.  Once in the text file a cron job
of "wwwoffle url_file" run once a night and the pages are cached on the laptop
ready to be read at work without network connectivity.  :)

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