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Re: Software RAID problem - disks names change in case one fails

> - have you evern wondered about other folks that try to build a sata-based
>   raid subsystem ??
> 	- how did their sata pass the "failed disk" test if it 
> 	reassigns its drive numbers upon reboot
> > With the second disk removed the disks names are changed,
> exactly.... that is the problem with scsi
> 	- pull the power cord from it to simulate the disk failure
> 	or pull the sata cable ...
> 	- in either case, if the disk drives rename itself, based on
> 	who's alive, raid won't work to boot after the failed disk
> 	( but it will stay running until its booted )
> > the 3rd disk /dev/sdc
> > becomes /dev/sdb and the 4th disk (that was the spare disk) /dev/sdd becomes
> > /dev/sdc.
> thta's always been true of scsi

That's why devfs used names that wouldn't change, e.g. 

Of course that's been deprecated in the newer 2.6 kernels and I don't 
know udev so I don't know if it has a similarly helpful naming 

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