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Re: Problem with apache 1.3 and php5

Oliver Fuhrer wrote:

If I try to access a website which contains php scripts like
http://phpsysinfo.warezmaster.ath.cx/ the browser just asks me to download
the php-file. I also disabled connections over internal proxy server and
cleared the browser cache but nothing changed. The server-info shows the
following info on mod_php5

Module Name: mod_php5.c
Content handlers: application/x-httpd-php , application/x-httpd-php-source ,
Configuration Phase Participation: Create Directory Config, Merge Directory
Configs, Child Exit
Request Phase Participation: none
Module Directives:
php_value - PHP Value Modifier php_flag - PHP Flag Modifier php_admin_value - PHP Value Modifier (Admin) php_admin_flag - PHP Flag Modifier (Admin) Current Configuration:

Could this also be a permission problem somewhere?

Thx, Oliver

You need to tell us what the errors are.

Check /etc/apache/mime.types and make sure there's a line for php files.

Relavent section from mine....

application/x-httpd-php                         phtml pht php php5
application/x-httpd-php-source                  phps



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