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Re: kill someone logged on

debian a écrit :


finger reports

Login     Name                 Tty      Idle  Login Time   Office     Office Phone
alice     Miss Alice Mc Cool  *:0             Sep  6 17:25
joe       Joe Mc Cool         *tty1     1:17  Sep  6 20:24
joe       Joe Mc Cool         *pts/2          Sep  7 13:40 (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx)

that last entry is me, having forgotten to log off from my office machine while sshing to this box.  (ip address xx'd)

how do I kill off this user and all his processes ?

ps -t *pts/2 reports:

ERROR: TTY could not be found etc

therefore I don't know what processes to kill.

BTW, what do the *'s represent ?  According to man finger they represent denial of write access.  But this is definately not the case here.



sudo apt-get install slay && sudo slay joe

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