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Re: samsung printer drivers

Andreas Schuldei wrote:

How well do samsung printer drivers work in/integrate into debian?

i consider buying a samsung clp-510n, the driver is here:

It has some installation scripts. How badly do they mess with my system? How do i interface that with cups?
How happy are people with samsung linux drivers on debian?

(please cc: me as i am not on debian-users)
I have had a ML-1450 Laser for some time. Originally, I used the non-Free driver/software from the Samsung website (the CD was out of date with rudimentary driver for Red Hat). The driver and software worked fine (this was in Woody or, possibly, Potato). However, I have not used the Samsung software for some time because CUPS and the foomatic-filters-ppds package do the job very simply without the need for any of Samsung's own offerings. I recommend CUPS and the web interface - easy and reliable.

I cannot see a ppd for your model in my version of CUPS (Sid), but there are instructions for using Samsung's own ppd directly in CUPS at http://www.linuxprinting.org/show_printer.cgi?recnum=Samsung-CLP-500

Samsung deserve congratulations for supporting Linux.


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