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Re: Exim4 + port forwarding

Kumar Appaiah wrote:

On Thu, Sep 08, 2005 at 12:52:14PM +0200, Roel Schroeven wrote:

Kumar Appaiah wrote:

On Wed, Sep 07, 2005 at 06:33:28AM -0700, James Vahn wrote:

Kumar Appaiah wrote:

Dear list,
I have been using fetchmail + procmail + exim4 to handle my mail. I
have a setup by which certain messages are received by procmail, and a
copy of some is forwarded to another address automatically.

Now, recently, due to excessive spread of viruses on the network due
to a popular but highly vulnerable mail client on a popular but
vulnerable OS (need I say more ;-), port 25 requests have ben blocked
for good! That means, exim can't forward my messages anymore.

By this I think you are saying that exim on localhost is connecting
to other servers directly instead of using a "smart host" - your ISP.
Relay your forwarded messages through him.

No, let me make it clear.

The problem is that all my requests to the smarthost's port 25 are
blocked. So, I try to ssh to another computer, forward the port 25 of
that SMTP server to port 10025 on my computer, and tell exim to use
localhost and port 10025 as the smart host; but exim refuses to
relay the mail through localhost, though it is actually a forwarded

The computer you ssh to is not blocked by the smarthost, I presume?

There's something strange in your explanation, and I'm not sure if it is because I misunderstand you or because you did something wrong. You should forward the SMTP's port to your computer, it should be the other way around: forward port 10025 on your computer to port 25 on the SMTP server:

ssh user@sshhost -L 10025:smarthost:25

This is exactly what I am doing. Sorry if I didn't state it properly.

Now, how do I tell exim4 to relay my mail through localhost:10025?

OK, sorry, I misunderstood.

In that case, I can't help you other that with my other suggestion: configure exim to use the other computer as smarthost, if you can find a port that's not filtered by the firewall, and forward from there to port 25 on the real smarthost.

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Roel Schroeven

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