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Re: Thomson SpeedTouch ADSL Modem

Américo Rocha <aurocha <at> gmail.com> writes:

> Hi,
> Anyone knows of good tutorial to configure the above modem so it can
> work in a fresh installed debian sarge system ?
> Regards,
> Viva,
> Alguem sabe de um bom tutorial para configurar o modem acima indicado
> em debian sarge acabadinho de instalar ?
> Cumptos


I think there's a project on sourceforge which supports speedtouch on linux 
and gives some details on how it all works.

On Debian you can install the 'speedtouch' package which should help configure 
things.  This also includes the 'modem_run' command which is needed for the 
2.6.8 kernel supplied with sarge.

(I installed the 2.6 kernel because I had no luck getting this to work with 
2.4 - however YMMV).

Note: The package description says you don't need it for newer kernels - I 
think it's referring to the fact that you no longer need the 
command 'modem_run' - but the rest of the package is still useful as it does 
other things and sorts out the configuration as well.

You might need to tweak a few other things, I think I had to but I can't 
remember what! Check the readme in the speedtouch package and the details on 



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