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Request for the list of your installed packages

Dear debian users,

The Todai Fink Team has a project to build a website to find open
source softwares. (Roughly speaking, yet another freshmeat.)

We want to survey how often each package is insalled. If possible,
please send the list of your installed packages to
in the following format:

$$begin debian-installed-packages HOSTNAME$$
[a2ps,4.13b-5,installed ok installed]
[zsh,4.2.5-7,installed ok installed]
$$end debian-installed-packages HOSTNAME$$
$$begin debian-installed-packages ANOTHERHOST$$
[anacron,2.3-11,installed ok installed]
[zsh-static,4.2.5-7,installed ok installed]
$$end debian-installed-packages ANOTHERHOST$$

You can generate the body of such a mail by the attached script.
The easiest way to send the mail:
1. Launch your mail client and create a new mail
2. Run ./debian-installed-packages.sh in your terminal
3. Copy the output into your clipboard
4. Paste it into the *body* of your mail
5. Send it to debian-installed-packages@sodan.ecc.u-tokyo.ac.jp

Deadline of the first term: 13 Sep 2005 UTC
Deadline of the second term: 30 Sep 2005 UTC

Please include the output into the *body* of your mail. We cannot
understand your attachments.

PRIVACY POLICY: The mail addresses and the lists we collected are used
only for our project. We do not share the information with others, or
disclose in public, or exploit for other purpose without your agreement.

AIDA Shinra

Todai Fink Team

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