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Re: apache2 vs. apache-perl

On Tue, Sep 06, 2005 at 07:55:40PM +0000, Daniel McBrearty wrote:

> Any idea what the essential differences are betwen installing these 2 debian
> packages? I have used apache-perl without too many hitches on my home machine,
> my new server came with apache2 preinstalled.
> I'm wondering whether this will cause me extra work in deploying my project, and
> hence whether to go to the trouble of removing 2 and replaicing with perl.

apache-perl is a version of Apache 1.3.x that includes the Perl module.

apache2 is a version of Apache 2.0.x that doesn't include the Perl
module, which is available separately as apache2-mod-perl2.

So you can either downgrade to Apache 1.3 with Perl, or install the
Perl module.

For more information, read the package descriptions in aptitude or at

PJR :-)

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