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cyrdeliver: "Message contains invalid header"

I'm having a hard time getting cyrus (debian packages cyrus21-*) to run together with exim and procmail.
I have configured the system that mails are passed to procmail by exim, and then to cyrdeliver by the .procmailrc. However, cyrus gives me the error message: "Message contains invalid header". I cant figure out what exactly is wrong on the header and what cyrdeliver is expecting.
When I start cyrdeliver manually with a very simple testmail, I get the same message:
cyrus@jcl44:~$ echo testmail.txt | /usr/sbin/cyrdeliver -e -a mailtest -m user.mailtest
+user.mailtest: Message contains invalid header
From: mail@example.com
Return-path: mail@example.com
To: mail@example.com
Subject: Test123

This is a small testmail!

I am lost. This mail is so simple, why does cyrus complain?
Before cyrus21, I had the old packaged (cyrus-common, cyrus-imapd) installed. With them, I got the same error but I solved it by getting rid of the line "From xxx" (note that there is no colon after the word "From"). But in the above example, I have a line "From:", with colon. It should work....
By the way I'm using debian stable (sarge).
Many thanks for any help!!!

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