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Re: Help neeed with the 'diskless' package

One more usefull thing that I just found out :

The client-customized directories are well mounted if the NFS root file system is mounted read-only However, if the NFS root file system is mounted read-write (this is my case thanks to my SYSLINUX/PXE boot file), then the customized directories are not mounted as expected (as described below).

Any idea why this is ? Is this a 'diskless' bug ?


Frederic Dernbach a écrit :


I've installed a diskless client using the 'diskless' package of Debian sarge (stable).

I successfully managed to start my diskless client (through PXE and recompiled kernel with appropriate options).The root file system is mounted as expected by the client though NFS. On my server, I did not chage the defaults proposed by both commands 'diskless-newimage' and 'diskless-newhost' at installation time: - the root file system for myclient to NFS mount is : /var/lib/diskless/default/root - the customized '/etc' '/tmp' and '/var' directories for my diskless client (with IP adress being are stored in : /var/lib/diskless/default/

However, during the client boot, the cutomized directories ( /var/lib/diskless/default/, /var/lib/diskless/default/ and /var/lib/diskless/default/ are not mounted as /etc, /var, /tmp). I believe they should.

What did I miss ? I cannot see which script does the mouting of those customized directories ?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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