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Re: Kernel changes

Tim Bedding wrote:
> Is advanced noticed given if support for a particular
> kernel is going to be dropped? Would that be given via
> the debian announce list?

Not usually.  But this typically gets endless discussion on the
development lists though.  And the release notes will have more

> I would like as much time as possible to move to a newer
> kernel. I would like to avoid a situation where I have to
> do a hurried kernel upgrade in order to move to the
> new "stable".

There seems to be a misunderstanding here.  Why do you think you would
need to hurry to a new stable?  Even now with Sarge released if you
were previously using Woody you would have no need to hurry to
upgrade.  But most people would want to because of the improvements
offered in Sarge.

There is never anything hurried about Debian stable releases.  The
Woody release took two years and the Sarge release took three years.
If Etch, the next release pending, takes as long then you will have
plenty of time to make the transition.  Starting right now you will
probably have three years (at least) of support on the current
released stable kernels.

Also, even though Sarge is now the released stable system the old
stable system woody is still supported.  Security and other updates
are still be posted and are expected to continue for some time.  So
there is really never a need to hurry.


P.S.  Personally I was disappointed to see Debian not support the
linux 2.6 kernel for the AMD k6 processor in Sarge.  Only the linux
2.4 kernels are supplied.  This means that if I want to upgrade my k6
machines to a 2.6 kernel I must compile my own.  Currently I am using
the Sarge 2.4 linux kernels on my k6 machines out of laziness.

Now I realize the k6 is an older machine but Debian runs fine on those
and I hate to have to change out the hardware before its time has
come.  All of the newer hardware (notably excepting the amd64 in
64-bit mode, a sore point among though of us running the "unnofficial"
Debian port) is quite well supported though.  And even the unnofficial
amd64 port is very good.  I use it as my daily machine.

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