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mozilla apps have wrong timezone

Hi all,

This is a problem that I've been having some time now.

Mozilla thunderbird and Firefox display my timezone as -1200 resulting in all my email displaying dates a day into the future when they arrive, and Firefox getting warnings from sites about incorrect system time.

I'm in New Zealand, thus my time zone is +1200, the hardware clock is set to local time due to dual booting with windows.

Your current time zone is set to Etc/GMT+12
Mon Sep  5 15:51:27 2005  -0.344740 seconds
$hwclock --utc
Mon Sep  5 03:51:45 2005  -0.470560 seconds

For my non root account "date" shows times the same as hwclock.

I've searched for ways of configuring mozilla apps but I can't find anything - other people seem to sometimes have the same problem but I haven't seen a solution. Any suggestions?

Daylight savings time may have something to do with it - GMT+12+1 = 13 hours ahead, which maybe mozilla wraps to -12? In a couple of weeks we go to normal time so it will be interesting to see what happens.


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