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New method for multi-user Debian


Previously in order to get a multi-user Linux system (multiple monitors/keyboards/mice + 1 PC) you had to patch the Kernel.

Now Aivils Stoss has created a new method to do so and it does NOT involve a kernel patch, so you can get a multi-user Debian system (but with a recent 2.6.x kernel).

Details are in the console project forum:

I am running right now with 2 monitors on a TNT2 AGP and a MX-440 and the Nvidia closed source driver and Sarge, but with a different kernel from:
on my box with an epox ep8vtai mobo with an xp 2700+ cpu

which kernel incorporates new schedulers.

Instead the new method involves 2 third-party modules added to the kernel, one evdev keyboard handler and one ledstate interceptor.

The latter do not interfere with anything so you can run any kernel you like, even with suspend2, or something.

Check it out.


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