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Name resolver problem after upgrade from woody to sarge


(sorry if you receive this twice, I sent it a couple of days ago but
the email has still not appeared in the archives, so I try again)

I have just upgraded my machine at home from woody to sarge and now the
name resolution doesn't work anymore. To be more precise, programs such
as Mozilla or lynx don't manage to lookup any names, but i can use host
or dig or nslookup (or even socket.gethostbyname(...) in Python) without
problems. Also, once I have looked up a name using host, for example,
then Mozilla can also find it, at least for some minutes of time.

I have tried looking in different documents and HOWTO:s and Google but
haven't found anything really related. Also, I don't know the inner
workings of name resolution in Linux, so I may have missed something

Some facts on my setup:
- I use an ADSL connection with a combined ADSL modem/router configured
  as a DNS relay.
- ifup seems to detect this setup correctly and writes
  in /etc/resolv.conf
- Since I only have 2 machines connected to the router, I haven't setup
  any DNS for my private network and have simply added a line MatsPC
  in /etc/hosts

At the moment, I don't really have any clue on where to search, so any
hints are welcome.


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