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Re: Starting background process in ssh session

You could do this:
nohup $command

But I always usea trick I find works with bash, so when your in a 
bash shell do this:

#start another bash shell
#start your background job
command &
#exit the subshell
#exit your ssh connection

That should work.
 - D

On 1 Sep 2005 at 17:33, Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:

> I occasionally log into a machine remotely and start a process in the
> background:
> command &
> However, when I log out of the machine, the ssh process on my local
> machine blocks.  I guess that it is becuase the remote still has jobs
> running.  Is there a way to get it start the process in the background
> and then detach from the shell?  I have already tried this:
> exec command &
> However, it results in the same behavior.  It is really a bit annoying
> to have to kill the ssh process on my end to terminate the connection.
> I really should be able to do something that lets me logout normally.
> -Roberto
> -- 
> Roberto C. Sanchez
> http://familiasanchez.net/~roberto

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