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Re: keeping a module from loading - sarge install

Ritesh Raj Sarraf wrote:

> If using hotplug, blacklist the module
Just so the list archives have correct info... hotplug blacklisting is
only half of the fix... you'd also have to keep discover v1 (the default
version of discover on Sarge in the installer, but discover2 is
available?!) from trying to install the module as well.

Philip's solution is cleaner and easier, since the problem actually lies
in the discover program itself... pull off discover and hotplug, get the
machine really up and working and then reinstall the newer/corrected
versions... worked like a dream.

Impossible for a newbie to figure out, though -- the installer folks may
wish to consider rolling a rev of the installer that has these fixes
already applied as an alternative way to install Sarge, and publish it.


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