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Re: subscribe - unsubscribe

I had the same problem.

I was subscribed to the debian-user-digest list, but for some reason the last digest I received was number 2141 at 01:16 Toronto time on 2005-08-25. Usually there are five or more digest posts every day; I thought it odd that they stopped abruptly when they did. I also checked my Junk folder; they were not there either.

Finally, I re-subscribed to the debian-user list, but this time to receive all individual messages, not the digest. The first such
messages I received at 13:00 on 2005-08-27

So, somehow I managed to miss all posts between 01:16 on 2005-08-25 and 13:00 on 2005-08-27 -- how I don't know. I can now only conclude that there was a server glitch, but nobody is telling.

				Ken Heard
				Toronto, Canada
				Museologist, specializing in
				technology and transport


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