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Re: Tips and Tricks for Dial-Up Internet Access?

Darrell Bellerive wrote:


> Can anyone share some tips, tricks, or favorite applications to increase
> the useability of a dial-up Internet connection?


I have found (command-line) pon/poff to be (far) more reliable than
(graphical) kppp. Well, actually is probably a configuration issue,
like calling timeouts and such, but the fact is that when using kppp I
get several tries before contacting the ISP and logging, and with pon
it hardly ever fails to connect on the first try.

One question I would like to make myself (I mean... not _to_ myself,
hehehe) is: how does one get the modem not to produce its annoying
noises with pon? With kppp there is an option somewhere with the "Modem
Volume" or something, but I have perused the pon conf files (some
shared with kppp, I believe) to no avail. RTFMs kindly accepted, as
answers would be :^)


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