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Compiling 2.4.27 kernel on a testing system

Hello, all:

I tried to compile a custom 2.4.27 kernel (the Debian way, of course!)
on my testing system, but got this error:

"warning: conflicting types for built-in function '_exit'"

I Googled the error, and it seems the kernel won't compile with some
versions of gcc.  In particular, I guess it has trouble with gcc 4.0,
which is the default on testing.

Anyway, /usr/bin/gcc was symlinked to gcc-4.0; I symlinked it to
gcc-3.3 instead, and the kernel built without a problem.  So, maybe
that information will be of help to others.  (I notice - after doing
this - that the Documentation/Changes file recommends using gcc 2.95;
but 3.3 appears to have worked.)

Was there a better - more Debian - way to do it?  Now the kernel is
built, I've reverted to the original symlink, and made myself a note
about the need to change it if I want to compile a different 2.4.27. 
But that seems a bit kludgy - maybe it comes with living with testing!


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