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Re: OT: GUI Develpment for C++ program

On Tue, Aug 23, 2005 at 07:58:19PM +0100, Wackojacko wrote:
> In the process of learning C++ and have written a program to solve Sudoku 
> grids, I know there are loads of them already :), and was just wondering what 
> would be the easiest/best way to write a GUI for it.
> Google has just brought up so many different choices that I don't know where to 
> start.  A pointer in the right direction would be appreciated.
My personal favorite is wxWidgets (formerly wxWindows).  It is cross
platform (I developed a thesis project in C++ that simultaneously
targeted Linux/Windows/OSX), and very complete, stable and mature.  It
is also somewhat complex, but well documented.

Failing that, if you are going to develop a GPL app, then Qt is a good


Roberto C. Sanchez

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