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Re: When should I consider installing suggested packages?

Elmer E. Dow wrote:
> Please cc me since I'm not currently subscribed.

> When should I consider installing suggested packages? During my limited 
> experience using aptitude in Sarge I've always installed depends and 
> recommended packages, never suggested. Do most users just ignore suggested 
> packages, only installing them if something doesn't work?

I install them only if I know I need them.  Usually I avoid installing
suggested packages.  I frequently avoid installing recommended
packages!  Often the maintainers get carried away with extra packages
or with recommending their own other packages.

When I install software I look at the list of recommended and
suggested packages and if one of them seems reasonable I install them
as well.  But if they do not seem reasonable then I do not install

The caveat here is that I have been using UNIX/GNU systems for many
years and can make a fairly well educated guess at what is reasonable
to install or not.  But often experience is the only way to learn.
And since installing and removing software is so easy I suggest to you
that you just try it and gain experience through it.


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