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Re: Backup/Restore debian package

On 16 Aug 2005, pavel.orehov@gmail.com wrote:

> Is there is a way to save/backup debian installed package ?

if you do your own stuff... you should create your own *.deb pkg

if you create pkg.lst BEFORE you apply apt-get update/apt-get upgrade,
than you will always have the "state" before any pkg that crashed
your system

- to backup your existing deb box
	dpkg --get-selections * > /mnt/floppy/pkg.lst 

	save your config files separately ( /etc, /usr/local/etc )
	and any place else you modified config files

- to restore your system to a previous state
	install a minimal system 
	dpkg --set-selections < /mnt/floppy/pkg.lst 
	restore your config files

\\\ all that is 1 or 2 command lines

== <opinion>
== if you have to restore your system, you're doing something wrong
== ie, do NOT test on critical systems that you need to recover when
==     it breaks, esp if you cannot recover to any random day at any
==     time to simulate that your backup/restore is working right
== </opinion>

c ya

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