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Re: Portable OGG Player

Steven Pasternak:
> Hi! Does anybody know if there is such thing as a portable OGG player? 
> (like iPod,MuVO,etc. NOT software)

If you are after a hard disk player (as opposed to flash memory), I
recommend the already mentioned Iriver H120 (20GB) or the H140 model
(40GB). They are quite robust, run for approx. 16 hours with one charge
and play mp3 (even VBR), ogg and wma. What distinguishes them from
almost all other players is that they come with optical in *and* optical
out. Both sockets can also be used analogously (although, the analog
line out is crap since it is just a second headphone connector).

The device also has a built-in microphone (which picks up the spinning
disk now and then) and an external microphone. It comes with a nice
leather bag and a remote control with backlit display (blue, like the
main screen). To put files on it, just mount it like any other USB
mass-storage device.

If you also want to play flac files (lossless encoding - very good for
sharing and archiving original sources), you can go to
<http://rockbox.org> and grab an alternative "free as is speech"
firmware for it. It doesn't play wma and cannot yet record, but in all
other aspects it is highly superior to the original firmware. I can only
encourage everyone with an H1x0 device to try it.

You only need to flash a patched firmware which gives you some small
boot manager. Then you unzip the rockbox files to the device and reboot.
You still have the original firmware installed and can decide on boot
which one to use. It is really amazing.

The H1x0 series is also relatively cheap these days (got mine for 250
Euros) as there are already newer models (with color displays). But
rockbox doesn't (yet) run on them so if you do not strictly need a color
display (to watch movies on a two inch screen...), you are probably
better off buying an older model. Some online stores (like
<http://mp3-player.de>) still have them in stock.

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