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Re: Personal Debian mirror

Adam Mercer wrote:

On 04/08/05, Preston Boyington <PBoyington@polyengineering.com> wrote:
I have come to the point of needing / wanting my own partial Debian mirror (amd64 and i386).  I've been reading about debmirror but when I tried it my mirror didn't look quite like what I thought it should.  All the packages were dumped into folders under "pool/" and folders it created such as "stable", "unstable", and "woody" were essentially empty.  (Now I am trying an rsync string to see what the difference will be.)

I was wondering if other people could give me some feedback on how they did their mirrors.  What commands did you use and where are there some good howto's on doing it as efficiently as possible?

Also, since I don't want to mirror the ISO files I was wondering how difficult it would be to use something like jigdo to create the disks from my own mirror?

I've attached the debmirror script we run everyday to update the
mirror for our beowulf cluster, it maybe of some help

How much disk space is required to do this?

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