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Re: Debian Sarge - kernel 2.6 problem


> 1. boot the sarge CD and type "linux26" at the prompt
> 2. switch to second virtual console (Alt-F2) as soon as the language
> selection screen appears 3. manually load ide CD drivers by typing:
>   # modprobe piix ide-generic ide-cd

No problem

> 4. Return to first console and continue setup

[warning noob question coming!]

err if I type debian-installer it really screws up my graphics output
and I can't see ought. i have an Nvidia TNT card. Do I need to do
something else to sort this out?

> 5. Setup the debian system and install newer 2.6 kernel:
>   # apt-get install linux-image-2.6.12

Can't see to get this far

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