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Re: kPDF

I take it there is not a prepackaged setup on debian.org for use with apt-get?  
searched for acrobat reader and adobe on apt-cache after I did and update...

On Wednesday August 3 2005 8:54 pm, Pollywog wrote:
> On 08/03/2005 11:47 pm, Bill Day wrote:
> > Finally got around to reading the "TuxMagazine" PDFS for the first 5
> > issues and I ahve noticed taht while in kPDF, when I finish with one pdf
> > and go to open anotehr via file open, or clicking the open icon, kPDF
> > crashes, everytime..  enclosed is copy of the backtrace fromt he crash,
> > any ideas or suggestion on this?
> I had problems with kpdf so I use Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 instead.
> I was unable to print pages from TuxMagazine today.  I think I could print
> the entire issue but not a range of pages.
> 8)


Bill Day

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