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Re: Cups+printer install?

On 08/03/2005 08:02 pm, Ishwar Rattan wrote:
> Is there a way to install a printer using cups without
> a browser (no capability for http://localhost:631/)?
> I want to access remote printers alos on a cups server in
> the dept but have no interest in installing X-windows.

Are you using KDE?  If so, I believe you can use the KDE Control Center (under 
Peripheral Devices > Printers).  You should also be able to edit the files 
in /etc/cups/ directly to add a printer.  I rarely use a browser for it now, 
I most often use KDE (on Xandros).  I have one laptop running Debian Sarge 
and I am almost sure that KDE has a wizard for adding printers (in the 
Control Center of KDE).


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