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Re: an update to testing broke my nvidia driver (from nvidia-installer)

On 8/3/05, Brice Méalier <mealier_brice@yahoo.fr> wrote:
> Hi
> I upgraded today from sarge to testing and all went well!
> But I found afterwards my graphics a bit slow and then I decided to
> reinstall the last nvidia driver from the source as I do usually.
> It refused to build! telling that the kernel-headers package has not
> been found! So I must admit that I run my own kernel ( compiled
> the debian way under sarge).
> Could the fact that this kernel has been build under sarge responsible
> for the impossibility of building the nvidia driver? or what can be the
> matter and how can I solve that issue??

I don't think the kernel build process has changed that much yet. Try this:
apt-get (or aptitude) install module-assistant nvidia-glx
m-a prepare
m-a a-i -k /usr/src/your-kernel-source nvidia-kernel

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