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choosing default web browser in mutt


Following excellent advice here recently, I used update-alternatives to
make sure firefox is the system default web browser.  AFAICT this is
working fine.

The problem arises in mutt.  If I right-click on a link within an email,
firefox will launch and display the page.

However, if I receive an HTML/text email and press 'v' to view the
attachment (which is the email in html format), hitting enter launches
lynx, the previous system default browser.  This is after rebooting
having made the update-alternatives change.

I've looked through my .muttrc file and there is nothing in there to
suggest a default browser of any description.  I tried adding:
set web_browser=mozilla-firefox
which gave syntax errors

The mutt manual refers to adding:
macro index \cb |urlview\n
macro pager \cb |urlview\n
to the .muttrc file but this has no noticeable effect.

There appears to be no overall system mutt configuration file and
frankly, I'm stumped.  It is one of those minor irritations you live
with until occasionally you think, I'll sort this out now .......



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