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Re: Re: Exim4 + Clamav

Quoting Marco Tasinato <marco4ever@libero.it>:

But the addressee doesn't know anything about the rejection of this e-mail and continually calls me in order to know where is his e-mail. After telling him a lot of time that his e-mail has been refused because the sender had sent him a virus not by his will, he has thanked me for the service but begged me to tell him something when I reject a message. The customer perfectly knows that I will send him a lot of useless e-mails but he accepts it and, at the end, he pays.
But I really have no idea about how it works.

IMO, it shouldn't be your responsibility to notify the addressee that an email sent to him was blocked. Exim, as you said before, sends the 500 error back to the original sender, therefore, the sender should figure out whats wrong and realize that his email never got received, and then take action accordingly.
or am I way off base here?


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