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sata drives and intel pro 100ve

I just bought a new pc, a Dell Dimension 9100 that has an Intel Pro 100VE integrated ethernet device and a 160gb sata drive. I have successfully installed Debian Sarge on a Dell SC420 server with sata drives by doing a linux26 install, but that does not work on the 9100, the drive is not detected. Sarge also does not recognize the ethernet device, even though "Intel Pro 100" is listed as a module that can be specified after network hardware detection fails. I've been searching for two days now and can't find anything concrete, does anyone have any ideas? I have found updated drivers on Intel's site, but can't figure out how to load them during the install. When I try to compile them to maybe put them on a floppy for use during the install, the compile fails, even though I have the kernel sources installed.


Cliff Pankonien

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