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RE: Copying Large Files >2Gb to smbfs mount

Hi Nicos,

Nicos Gollan schreef:
> That's because the W2k machines probably used CIFS and not SMB. SMB,
> at least like Samba uses it, does have a 2GiB limit, CIFS does not.
I believe that Samba supports CIFS OOTB since SAMBA 2.2.4. I found some references on the internet about a 2Gb limit on the SAMBA side but they appear to be about ancient Linux SMBFS/Samba versions.

Besides that: I have managed to copy the full Debian Sarge i386 and amd64 DVD's from my W2K machine to my Debian Sarge (both i386 and AMD64) machines and back again...


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