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RE: Copying Large Files >2Gb to smbfs mount

Hi Christof,

Christof Hurschler schreef:
> I've tried Googeling around on this but haven't really found
> an answer.
> I have a debian (Kanotix 2005-3) system from which I'd like to copy
> partition images to a NTFS share on a W2K box.  It works well
> with files
> smaller than 2Gb big.  Files 2Gb or larger are simply cut of
> and terminated
> with an error message saying something about file progress being
> interrupted. 
> I thought that the file size limit for NTFS was much bigger
> than 2Gb.  Is this maybe a samba limitation?
Not that I know: I have copied 4 Gb (Debian ISO images) back and forth between Debian Sarge with Version 3.0.14a-Debian and W2K SP4 machines. Using Putty's pscp and Cygwin's scp gave me troubles (transfers ended premature), using Windows Explorer worked OK.


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